Ultimate Guide Buying Large Sequin Backdrops

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Large Sequin Backdrop

Looking to purchase a luxury large sequin backdrop? If so, you came to the right place to guide you step by step! We run a photo booth company and have spent $1,000’s testing different supplies, equipment, and backdrops. Some of the advice given below is specific to photo booth companies. Let’s dive in!

Should I buy a large sequin backdrop on Amazon?

     We have tested most of the backdrops sold on amazon, and none of them came close to meeting our standards. I remember one of my Amazon orders came in right before a photo booth event we had that night. I opened the package and was embarrassed by how bad it looked. The worst part was that we had no time to order a professional backdrop for our clients!

If you’re using a sequin backdrop for a small event like a birthday party, then it makes sense to purchase something cheap. We recommend our luxe sequin backdrops if you care about the look, quality, or for the events listed below.

  • Photo Booths
  • Photography
  • Photoshoots
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Photography Studio
  • YouTube Channel

Quality issues buying large sequin backdrops on Amazon.

Here are a few of the issues we ran into buying sequin backdrops on amazon.

Noticeable backdrop seams.

     They had several very prominent seems running vertical and some even horizontal. No matter what editing we did on our photo booth images, you could see the seam lines. Good quality sequin backdrops still have one or two vertical seems but are sown so you can hide them in the waves you create.

Thin backdrop backing.

  • The backing on these backdrops were very thin and see-through. The presentation doesn’t look great for guests.
  • If any uplighting is at an event, it will bleed through the sequin backdrop, causing issues with the photos taken.
  • (TIP) It’s best to avoid setting up a backdrop where uplighting is. This spot is typically picked by the planner ahead of the time and cannot always be changed.
  • (TIP) Another option you have is to ask someone to move the uplighting or turn it off. Since the uplighting is usually synced together this is not always possible.

Poor quality backdrop stitching.

Since we use our large sequin backdrops daily for events, the quality of the stitching is essential. The stitching from these backdrops on Amazon would quickly unravel and not hold up. Some were unraveling right out of the package.

It’s normal to get little pulls in the stitching once in a while when unfolding your backdrops. This is normal wear and small pulls won’t affect the quality of images since they are so little.

A minimal amount of sequins on fabric.

I noticed right away the small number of sequins added to these backdrops. It was about 60% sequins and 40% fabric showing through. This is very noticeable in images.

With a quality backdrop, sequins should be covering the entire fabric backing. Remember that its normal for a few sequins to come off over time and normal wear. A few sequins missing do not affect the images.

What’s the difference between large and small sequin backdrops?

   The large sequin backdrops offered in our store have ¾” sequins. The luxe look they give in photos is entirely different than the small sequin backdrops. Our photo booth company offers large sequin backdrops to customers as an upgrade for $159. Of course, you can offer them for free, but we consider the look and quality of them a great upsell.

What size large sequin backdrop should I buy?

   We have spent a lot of money troubleshooting sizes over the years. Buying the right size will help make your photo booth setup look professional. We recommend the sizing info below.

Best large sequin backdrop size

For photo booth companies using large sequin backdrops, we recommend 8 feet wide x 8 feet tall. This size lets you fit a large number of guests in photo booth pictures.

Best Large Sequin Backdrop Height

The best height is 8 feet. This height lets you raise your backdrop stand to 7.5 feet. The height gives guests enough room to stand with plenty of backdrop space above their heads in photos. Six inches of the sequin fabric will lay on the floor and provide an elegant look.

Best Large Sequin Backdrop Width

The best width is 8 feet. Sequin backdrops look best when coiled with wavey folds. The folds you make will take away 1 – 1.5 feet of the backdrop. After adding wavey folds, the photo booth backdrop width will be 6.5 feet – 7 feet for guests.

Avoid buying sequin backdrops too big

For photographers, the sizing can range depending on what they need. For photo booth companies, buying the wrong size sequin backdrop can cause a lot of problems. Here are a few listed below.

  • The larger the backdrop, the heavier it weighs.
  • A backdrop to big can make setup for photobooth attendants difficult.
  • Events have a limited amount of space for you to setup.
  • Backdrops to long will be bunched up on the floor and look unprofessional.

Avoid buying sequin backdrops too small.

    For photo booth events, sequin backdrops need to be large enough for several guests to jump in the pictures. If your backdrops to small, you will need to zoom in with the camera and lose space. We like our backdrops to fit at least eight guests at events.

How to setup a large sequin backdrop.

It’s important to always add folded waves when hanging a sequin backdrop. Waves help hide the vertical seam that runs down the middle. If sequin backdrops are pulled flat and tight on backdrop stands, they do not diffuse camera flashes well. Here are the steps we use to hang a sequin backdrop.

  1. Find the location at the event to start your setup.
  2. Before setting up any photo booth equipment, set the stand and sequin backdrop first.
  3. Set the stand bases and side poles 8 feet apart.
  4. Drop a sandbag on both stand bases.
  5. Unfold the sequin backdrop on the floor with the fabric side facing the ground. The sequin side will stay clean for events.
  6. Slide the crossbar of the stand through the 3inch pocket on the sequin backdrop.
  7. Attach the crossbar to both stand side poles.
  8. While the stand side poles are still lowered, make waves in the sequin fabric.
  9. Slowly go back and forth, raising the stand side poles until you reach 7.5 feet.
  10. Set the photo booth camera 6.5 feet away from the sequin backdrop.
  11. We like to bring a measuring tape to events and get this distance pretty close.
  12. This video HERE will show these steps better.

What’s the best large sequin backdrop stand?

   Compared to fabric and other materials, sequin backdrops have a lot more weight to them. Having a sturdy stand is vital for safety and the abuse they take event after the event. Having tested several options, we concluded sequin and fabric backdrops work best with different stands.

The best large sequin backdrop stand.

  • Buy the stand HERE.
  • This stand provides fast set up and breakdown for photographers and photo booth attendants.
  • The stand only has two bolts on the bottom bases. These bolts can be screwed in with your hands.
  • Holds 50lbs of weight.
  • The stand has an adjustable height by twisting side poles to raise and lower.
  • Adjustable top pole width
  • Very sturdy and can handle a lot of abuse without being damaged.

How do I store large sequin backdrops?

The best way to store sequin backdrops traveling to events is a simple, clear plastic storage bin. The bin protects your backdrop from weather, dirt, and damage. You want to minimize the amount of equipment you bring to events, so purchase a container that’s just big enough to fit the backdrop.

  We have all our photo booth backdrops in clear bins labeled with their colors. Clear containers make it easy for our photo booth attendants to grab the right backdrop before their event. 

Avoid storing sequin backdrops in any zippered bags. Zippers tend to pull threads in the sequin fabric when pulling them out for events.

What are the best large sequin backdrop colors?

Wedding and Engagement Parties.

Photo booth companies typically book a lot of weddings. I recommend starting with some of the classic styles brides tend to love and book the most with our photo booth company.  

  1. Matte Gold Sequin
  2. Rose Gold Sequin
  3. Champagne Sequin
  4. Matte Silver Sequin
  5. Gold Sequin

Corporate and formal events.

For corporate and formal occasions, our navy-blue sequin backdrop has been the most popular.

December events.

The white large sequin backdrop is a popular purchase on BoothDrops.com around November and December. A lot of corporate companies have their holiday parties and winter wonderland themed events this time of year.

Should I charge customers more for large sequin backdrops?

   Charging more depends on your photo booth business model. For our photo booth company, we upsell customers an additional $159 when they rent a large sequin backdrop. Due to the premium look of the large sequins, upselling works great for us.

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